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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Enter your poems before midnight

This year marks the 35th writing competition sponsored by the Writers-Editors Network - a professional organization with tips, perks, and job posts for writers in all genres.

For about half of those years, I’ve been judging the poetry entries of this “blind” contest, which means I have no idea who won what until winners have been determined. If, however, I see any poems I’ve previously critiqued, they’re automatically disqualified. (The same goes for judges of other categories, which assures you of no favoritism!)

Well-written poems have a good chance of placing, especially if they employ brevity, fresh imagery, unusual comparisons, musicality, and/or something that’s never been said in quite the same way until now.

However, every poet and writer who visits the annual “winner’s list” will “win” helpful insights by seeing, not just who or what won, but why! The more we discover what works in poems and writings by other poets and writers, the more effective our own work becomes.

Mary Harwell Sayler
, ©2018, poet-writer

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