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Friday, August 21, 2015

Resources for poets and writers

Online Poetry and Writing Resources

B-rhymes give you word pairs that almost rhyme, but not quite.

Blogging site provides helpful guides for all aspects of developing a successful, well-trafficked blog.

Christian Poet’s Guide to Writing Poetry is the e-book version of the poetry course I wrote and used for years with poets from diverse age groups, backgrounds, and levels of skill.

Dictionary search and reverse dictionary site on OneLook.com helps you search for phrases that begin with key words of interest.

English Grammar website gives you grammar rules, online exercises, and writing tips. Similar sites can be found, but I found this one to be especially clear and easy to navigate.

New Pages site guides you to literary markets to read, study, and send your batch of poems.

Open Culture has over 1,000 free online courses, including literature.

Poetry 180, sponsored by the Library of Congress, offers a poem for each day of the school year but to be read anytime too.

Poetry and Literature page, also sponsored by the Library of Congress, gives histories of poetry, interviews with poets, archives of poetry, upcoming events, Poet Laureate bio's, and more.

Poetry Dictionary For Children and For Fun e-book covers poetry forms and terminology, from A to Z, in what may be the only poetry dictionary for children. I recommend it for classrooms and poets of all ages because it’s a fun way to learn and because I wrote it.

Project Gutenberg gives the full texts of over 60,000 classical books, including poetry, at no charge.

Rhyme Zone helps you find definitions of words as well as true rhymes, slant rhymes, and synonyms.

Writing Resources on my website offers a more extensive list and is updated often. If you know of free resources for poets and writers, let me know. Thanks and blessings.

©2015, Mary Harwell Sayler, poet-writer of over 2,000 short manuscripts and three dozen books in all genres


  1. Blessings to you Mary for posting this(:)

    1. You're certainly welcome, May God bless you and your writing life.