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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Two must-reads for poets

This week I reviewed two books I wish I’d had when I first got serious about poetry. You'll find both reviews by clicking the ads below, but to give you a one-sentence review for each here:

Reading Talk Poetry felt like having the private tutoring and coaching contestants get from professionals on The Voice.

Talk Poetry

Christian Literature: An Anthology can help religious poets and writers see how they have at least a thread of thought to weave into the rich tapestry of literature written from a spiritually-minded perspective. The poems, essays, stories, books, and articles of faith highlighted in this book unfold the development of Christian thought, literature, and, indeed, the whole English language!

Christian Literature: An Anthology

©2013, Mary Harwell Sayler also recommends what might be the first ever poetry dictionary for kids – the Poetry Dictionary For Children and For Fun available in the Kindle store on Amazon. (Teachers in your local schools will want to know about the book too.)

If you write religious poetry, you might also welcome the Christian Poet’s Guide to Writing Poetry, e-book version of the correspondence course Mary wrote when no other poetry home study course existed then used for years with other poets and poetry students.


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