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Friday, June 15, 2012

Living in the Nature Poem by Mary Harwell Sayler | Hiraeth Press

Hallelujah! My poetry book, Living in the Nature Poem is out!

Hiraeth Press did an excellent job in only a few months time, but in a way, I've waited for this book for years. i.e., I started writing poems as a child but as an adult wrote fiction, nonfiction, children's books, a devotional series, and heavily researched medical library editions. So, Living in the Nature Poem is my 25th traditionally published book but my FIRST full-length book of poems.

At home here in the N. FL boonies, I really do live in natural surroundings with birds, pond, and alligator. But "nature" also includes human nature, the nature of body cells, the nature of spiritual matters, and even the nature of stars.

So, even if you seldom read poetry in general or nature poems in particular, I hope you visit Hiraeth's website or read some sample poems from the book on Amazon or order here. Better yet, do all of the above to buy lots of copies for gifts for yourself and also every nature lover, people lover, spiritual seeker, and playful poet your know. Thanks!

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