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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Resources For Serious and Not-There-Yet Poets

Do you enjoy writing poems but wish you knew more about poetic styles, techniques, and poetry markets? The Internet makes it easy! These poetry resources will help you to find contemporary and classical poets and poetic forms to study:

American Academy of Poets has served poets and poetry since 1934. Their website http://www.poets.org/ allows you to do a quick search of poets and find samples of their poems.

Christian Writers’ Market Guide website includes links to publishers who may be interested in your well-written, spiritually-minded poetry - http://www.stuartmarket.com/.

Duotrope’s Digest provides links to an amazing number of poetry markets - http://www.duotrope.com/.

EnglishVerse.com archives classical works - http://www.englishverse.com/poets/.

Poetry Foundation offers a variety of excellent resources - http://www.poetryfoundation.org/.

Poets & Writers site archives the magazine and additional resources - http://www.pw.org/.

Pulitzer Prize website lists previous winners of this highly prestigious award in poetry, providing you with an immediate list of poets to study - http://www.pulitzer.org/.

And, of course, do not forget The Poetry Editor website - http://www.thepoetryeditor.com where you will find the book Poetry: Taking Its Course and one-on-one help as you write and revise.

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